Motorcycle Insurance vs. Auto Insurance

Everyone knows that you must have at least a little bit of car insurance in order to legally drive your car on the roads. However, what if you drive a motorcycle as your primary mode of transportation? Is motorcycle insurance that different from car insurance? 

It is important to note that motorcycle insurance and car insurance are two distinct things. Auto insurance covers vehicles with four wheels, while motorcycle insurance covers vehicles with two. 

A few of the main differences include but are not limited to the following.

Bodily Injury vs. Guest Passenger Liability

With car insurance, bodily injury liability covers the passengers of your car should there be an accident. Since there can be four other passengers in an automobile, obviously it would need to be higher than the liability to cover the one passenger on a motorcycle. 

Personal Injury Protection

One of the most basic parts of motorcycle insurance is personal injury protection (PIP). This will pay for any hospital bills you have or lost wages you experience as a result of an accident. Personal injury protects you from yourself and any mistakes you may make on the road which could cause an accident. If you lack confidence in your ability to maneuver your bike, you may want to increase the amount of PIP you have on your coverage. PIP coverage is also available for auto insurance, though it is not part of the central package. It must be added as an additional policy. PIP auto insurance is not offered in every state, so you must do your research if you wish to add it. 


Motorcycle insurance offers certain endorsements that cost extra but that also add extra coverage. An example of an endorsement that is popular is the original equipment manufacturer endorsement, which covers the gear you wear while you ride your bike. Should you get in a wreck, this endorsement would pay to replace your gear. Endorsements in the auto insurance world are called riders. They cover things like rental cars and transportation costs. Riders are not incredibly common among drivers since they can be expensive, though they are available. Talk to your insurance agent if you would like to add an endorsement or rider to your policy. 

In conclusion, while many parts of car and motorcycle insurance are similar, there are distinct differences. Make sure that you have the correct coverage for whatever vehicle you are driving on the road. You do not want to be caught in a jam without it.

For more information, contact an insurance company.