Here Comes The Wind: How To Protect Your Boat During A Hurricane

If you're going to be affected by the current lineup of hurricanes and you own a boat, it's time to prepare for the storm. Boats may be designed to withstand the water, but they're not designed to withstand hurricane-force winds. Before the hurricanes arrive, make sure you've taken the appropriate steps to safeguard your boat.

Update Your Boat Insurance

If you own a boat and you live in hurricane country, you need to make sure you have the appropriate insurance protection for it. Being without adequate insurance could leave you with a total loss once the hurricane passes. Contact your insurance agent and have them go over your policy with you. It's important to know what's covered, what's not covered, and what the deductible is. If it looks like you're going to fall short on the protection, be sure to update your policy before the storm arrives. Or contact a different company, like Veronica's Auto Insurance, to see what coverage they may offer.

Evacuate Your Boat

In most cases, hurricanes will give you at least a few days' notice before they finally come ashore. If you're going to be in the path of the hurricane and you're worried about your boat, it's a good idea to get it evacuated ahead of the storm. Locate a storage facility that's outside of the projected storm path, and move your boat before the storm arrives. Evacuating your boat ahead of the storm will protect it from damage and ensure that your investment is protected.

Arrange for Dry-Stack Storage

If you want to make sure that you have a more permanent solution to hurricane worries, it's time to locate a dry-stack storage facility. Dry-stack storage facilities provide the maximum protection for boats during hurricanes. This is because they use reinforced stacking systems to hold boats securely in place during the storms. One of the great things about the dry-stack storage facilities is that you can move your boat there as soon as you're done with it for the season. That way, it's well-protected from every storm that comes through.

Choose a Floating Dock

If you keep your boat docked at your waterfront home and you want to be sure that it's protected against fast-moving hurricanes, you need to invest in a floating dock. One of the benefits of a floating dock is that it's able to rise and fall with the moving water. With the right dock, your boat will be able to ride out the upcoming storms in safety.